Over the Edge Update

Over the Edge

We are so excited to announce that Mrs. Furnish has met her goal for $1000 and will be going Over The Edge for the Special Olympics.  EVEN MORE EXCITED to announce is that if she reaches $2000, or $3000, she will get to donate that extra $1000 for a “Special Olympian” to also rappel on December 10th!!!  Keep collecting that change or donate online.  All donation cups need to be returned by November 14th


K.I.S.S. Update

KISS 2015

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Copper Canyon Community, your continued support of the kids, school, and KISS has confirmed you are AMAZING!!!! We reached 100% of our goal and we’re so thankful to you all. Because of this great accomplishment, the PTO can continue supporting all the wonderful programs it sponsors at our school!
Check out how much you helped KISS this year:
2016 Budget Goal: $39,000        
Total Donations: $39,096.86
The above number includes:
1. corporate matches that totaled: $2,602
2.The Lollipop Tree (that was at the K.I.S.S.ing Booth) raised $169.82!!! Thank you to ALL the KIDS that came by and donated their own dollars and cents!!!
Congratulations to following the teachers who reached 90% percent of their classroom goal and will receive $250 in Scholastic Books for their classroom: 
And the grade level winners are 2nd and 5th grades!!  Congratulations!
Stay tuned for the prize level announcements after the break!
Thank you again for an amazing KISS Fundraiser!