Box Tops for Education

Box Tops
boxtops can be found on hundreds of products and each Box Top collected is worth $.10 to CCES. To be redeemed Box Tops must have a valid expiration date.

Keep Saving those box tops. If you can help raise hundreds of dollars for our school in mere minutes would you do it? Well it turns out that’s all it takes. How can it be so easy? By clipping Box Tops which can be found on hundreds of products. That’s right, so far this year the Box Tops you have clipped and turned in have added almost  to $1200.00 for our school. This money goes directly into supporting many of our great PTO programs.

The class that turns in the most Box Tops each quarter and overall for the year wins a $25 prize of their choosing.

Collection Contests and Parties

Four times a year all food labels are collected from classrooms. The classroom with the most labels will be treated with a small reward and a large trophy that will be in the classroom until the next contest.  Below is our fancy New Trophy.

Box Top Trophy 2Box Top Trophy 1Box Top Trophy 3